Packaging for the new loose medicinal teas from Sidroga®.


Sidroga® sells high-quality medicinal and health teas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For people who like to prepare their tea traditionally, the company has now expanded its range to include eight loose medicinal teas.


Until now, Sidroga® medicinal teas were only available in individually packaged cup filter bags. However, the demand for loose teas is constantly growing, also because a growing number of people want to live a more sustainable life. Our job was to develop the packaging design for the new loose medicinal teas from Sidroga®.


Our branding for the resealable outer bags with a special coating was the perfect fit for the Sidroga® brand promise: 100% natural ingredients without flavourings or artificial additives. And the colour coding makes it easier to find the desired variety at the point of sale.

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