Colourful branding for Belotero®.


Merz Pharmaceuticals is a leading global manufacturer of medical aesthetics products. Under the name Belotero®, the company markets particularly high-quality hyaluron fillers in various concentrations.


The Belotero® product family currently includes 11 individual fillers* for different facial areas and purposes. Our first task was to develop an aesthetic branding for the product launch. And we are also allowed to accompany the continuous development of the range, its expansion with Lidocaine variants (+) as well as the line extensions “Lips” and the beauty booster “Revive”.


Our minimalist packaging design with an intuitive colour code makes it easy for medical professionals around the world to reach for the Belotero® variety they want. With the help of the colourful branding, we were able to make a splashy contribution to the international success of the Belotero® brand.

*Status: 07/2020

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