Market research. Strategy development. Brand communication.

Many points speak for von Mende.

Sounds good: We master the entire keyboard of communication solutions. From the identification of insights based on quantitative and qualitative surveys to transmedia strategies and comprehensive digital solutions. And to make sure that we always hit the right note, we accompany the entire development process – together with our partners – through in-house market research, if desired.


We never act without a plausible strategy. We work on the basis of insights, clear goals or target groups and/or personae. Verified by market research. Always customer-centric. This allows us to create ultra precise strategies and ideas along the customer journey.

Brand development, brand strategy, communication strategy, corporate identity


We think and work in an interdisciplinary way. We develop touchpoint-specific formats. Digital and analogue – from POS displays to comprehensive content marketing concepts.

Professional and lay communication, classical advertising, dialogue marketing, content marketing, photo and film, storytelling, sales promotion, public relations

Market research

Getting to the point in the best way possible – we verify the entire development process through parallel market research together with our partners, if requested. And to ensure you receive all services from a single source, the entire process is coordinated by von Mende – the advertising agency in Oldenburg.

von Mende

We identify exciting insights, unmet needs, customer wishes and expectations

von Mende

We verify existing or newly developed strategies (USP, value proposition, tonality, etc.)

von Mende

We analyse and optimize our creative ideas (understanding, relevance, differentiation, on strategy)

We would also be happy to check your existing communication strategy – with the von Mende QuickCheck. Just contact us!