27. April 2020
#vonMende #GraphicDesign #WorldGraphicsDay

Thanks to the graphic designers!

For today’s World Graphics Day, we would like to address a few clichés, for example:

  • Graphic designers have already had two litres of coffee by eight o’clock.
  • Graphic designers always wear black. Sometimes with polka dots.
  • Graphic artists perceive the world in dots per inch.
  • Graphic designers work point-by-point to get to the finished product.
  • Graphic designers always see a line between two points.
  • Graphic artists like to win favour with unusual ideas.
  • Graphic designers prefer to use exclamation points rather than full stops.
  • Graphic designers fear nothing more than submission dates.
  • Graphic artists get straight to the point.

And for that, we just want to say thank you  – please don’t change!

If you like, you can have a look at here by the way.

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